Equity Rescue Is A New Way To Cure Foreclosures.
Equity Rescue offers distressed owners real financial help at a time when they need it the most. After the owners have tried all means possible to get out of default, when they are facing certain foreclosure, that is when Equity Rescue can step in and provide the money needed to cure the foreclosure.

Equity Rescue goes to work with the goal of rescuing property equities and putting them to work for the owners. It helps owners avoid an actual foreclosure and lets them participate in a no cost, financial recovery plan.

First, Understand What Equity Rescue Is "Not"
Equity Rescue is not Equity Sharing, not Short Selling, not Property Flipping, not Loan Modifications and especially not Foreclosure Speculation for profit. None of these well known transactions are anything like Equity Rescue. They do not do what Equity Rescue does. Again, it does not invest in foreclosures to take an owner's equity and then do absolutely nothing for the owner.

Equity Rescue Is Very Different
We mean it when we say it is different because it does not purchase or profit from foreclosure properties. Additionally, it does not give to or take money from the owner, nor does it make any loans or use promissory notes. All the commonly known methods of dealing with foreclosures are not in or part of Equity Rescue. That is why Equity Rescue is so different and can really help owners. It has a different set of goals, procedures and results than common foreclosure activity.

Why Equity Rescue Is A Unique Solution to Foreclosure.
What makes Equity Rescue so unique is its supportive approach towards the owners along with a solid financial plan. First, it extends a helping hand that pulls troubled owners out of foreclosure so they don't become completely financially insolvent. Second, it puts their rescued equities to work with the goal of returning it along with a profit. Third, the owners get some much needed time to make a financial recovery and can do so without having suffered the ruinous damage that a foreclosure causes.

Equity Rescue Offers Owners An Opportunity To Avoid Foreclosure.
Equity Rescue offers owners the opportunity to rescue and invest their equity. No other transaction is designed to deliver real, timely help to an owner facing an impending foreclosure and rescue all of the equity for the owner's benefit. Its highly unique legal, financial and investment structures give it the ability to perform and provide a real solution to foreclosure, a solution that previously had not existed.

Equity Rescue Is Also A Very Attractive Investment Opportunity
From an Investor's standpoint it might seem counter-intuitive to earn money by helping financially troubled property owners and rightly so if you apply the common knowledge and practices of how foreclosures are handled. However, Equity Rescue is designed to address the needs and interests of all its participants and it puts the Investor’s position first and foremost. It provides a very healthy payout and for good reason, without the Investor, nothing begins and dozens upon dozens of owners could not be rescued.

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