When a new idea appears in real estate some real estate professionals will automatically discount it. A lot of them have a preconceived notion that nothing can really be new because everything in real estate has already been discovered. This is not necessarily true. Equity Rescue has a new concept for your review that offers first-time ability and performance in real estate that produces substantial results.

Negative thinking does not apply to Equity Rescue. The word “foreclosure” for many people automatically has a negative connotation. However in the case of Equity Rescue any negative assumption you might make because of our involvement with foreclosure simply does not apply. Our entire original approach to foreclosure is exactly the opposite of any negative thought a person might be thinking. The purpose achieved is much safer and rewarding for both property owners and investors than what today’s standard foreclosure investment offers.

The foundation of this fresh approach features a newly and uniquely formulated way to help the property owner in foreclosure to save the property equity from loss. It is bad enough to lose the ownership of the property itself to foreclosure but when the build-up over time of their money (equity) is also lost, it is financially and emotionally devastating for the owner.

In a very significant way a financially insolvent property owner under duress of foreclosure is afforded a very positive answer in the Equity Rescue “Trust Deed Pledge Plan” (TDPP). The TDPP provides the property owner a way to cure the foreclosure, achieve a full value sale, grow the rescued money and avoid all the negative consequences a foreclosure would cause.

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